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Epic St. Patricks Day Brunch

It was a rare occasion-St. Patrick's day falling on a Saturday when hubby was off! He's almost never off on the weekends! So, we picked out clothes in the finest shade of green (fine, olive) and headed to the New York for brunch. We cherish moments like these; when we have the weekend off (I work on some weekends - the life of a lawyer) and we get to re-connect as a couple. Plus, any opportunity for me to get dressed and feel alive, I'm there.

Brunch was epic. Free flowing margaritas, mimosas (lychee, traditional, blood orange and one other flavor I cannot now recall), bloody mary's AND bloody maria's (yup, they went there), and endless plates of Asian/Mexican fusion delicacies, for only $45 per person. WHAT???!!! yea, like I said it was EPIC!

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