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Praying hands

A couple of years ago I was interviewing for a position at a law firm which, at that time, was in my opinion, the best most practical move for me. Somewhere between my sales pitch of how awesome I am ( at least in my head) and litany of professional accomplishments, I noticed something. It wasn’t my posture; my mother made sure I maintained perfect posture at all times growing up, especially being that I was a skinny lanky teenager, so there was no room for slouching. The cadence of my voice was neither here nor there; you could tell I was nervous and confident at the same time. As expected.

My hands however, placed on my knees were in the prayer mode. Fingers intertwined in supplication for the innermost desires of my heart. It came as no surprise to me, however, because I have learnt to pray about anything and everything.

Looking for a new job, pray for one. Looking for a new apartment, for healing, for strength, for courage, to excel in school/work. Name it, I have prayed for it and it has either been given to me or I’ve received something even better.

3 unique instances where I prayed for a miracle and it came to pass stands out to me each and every day. Scenarios where, even in the perfectly scrivened play of coincidences, couldn’t have been drawn up to this amount of perfection. One of which involves the man I am going to start calling my husband in a matter of days. I prayed for many things in a partner, one of which was a man with a few “good siblings” (trust me, I have been traumatized by my exes siblings one too many times) or actually, if God really wanted to be perfect, a man with no siblings; an only child. God blew my mind with this one.

I met Rey a few months after I said that prayer, and not only is he an only child, he is a very well behaved only child. I knew then, not that God answers prayers, but no request is too big or small for God. The other two, well, lets just say God has continued to show up and show out!

Right now, there is nothing I do not put into prayers. From looking for a new apartment that is close enough to public transportation yet suburban enough to be in the country side, within my budget, with lots of room with lights for my youtube videos and also, commute time to NYC less than an hour, I put it in Gods hands. I put it in Gods hands by actively praying about it, with detail, while at the same time, trusting that he will bring me what is best for me; he knows the desires of my heart, for he was the one who put them there in the first place.

I pray on the train, I pray in the shower, I pray when I listen to podcasts and gospel music, I pray before I leave work for work in the morning, I pray when I’m about to upload a youtube video or submit a brief for review, I pray novenas to different saints for different reasons at different times, I pray before I step foot into court, I pray when I am alone in the elevator….does it come as a surprise that at an interview, my hands would be perfectly poised in semi-conscious prayer?

If you had to take away something from this blog post, here it is: put God’s hands in everything, every little thing, and you would eventually see God’s hands in everything.

Trust me…..and my praying hands.

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