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As much as I love the endless roof top parties in the summer, barbeques with friends, bottomless brunch mimosas and frolicking on the jersey shore, the older I get, the more appealing autumn/fall becomes to me. I was born in fall. Fall for me signifies, not only change, but a time to reflect and enjoy the simple pleasures of life: snuggling under the blanket with a loved one while watching a movie, slow roasting a bird of choice while blessed with the sounds of Frank Sinatra softly crooning a festive tune bellowing from the record player, beautiful shades of fallen leaves tracing walkways and driveways so differently, yet, so alike, and cool breeze on long walks by the harbor - counting the boats as they slowly sailed by; my personal favorite of them all.

Living in a beach town, surrounded by boats and bait and tackle shops seemingly every 800 feet, and being married to an avid boat lover who spent a majority of his childhood and early adulthood at a local yacht club, it is no surprise how much I have gravitated towards all things nautical. I now choose navy blue over traditional black and bought hubby a handmade miniature boat as a Christmas gift – none of which I wouldn’t have done 3 years ago. Taking it a step further, I hired a retired naval sea captain to officiate my wedding – dressed in his full uniform – hat, whistle and the works. During our ceremony, we literally tied a knot – signifying the strength of our never-ending bond in love. Needless to say, I love all things nautical.

As a jewelry lover, I love wearing jewelry pieces that are both meaningful and beautiful. The casual nature of fall fashion, marked by sweaters, sneakers, ugg boots, shawls and scarves makes me seek out pieces, including jewelry that complement the casual relaxed style of fall, and after months of searching, I am glad I’ve finally found the perfect fall accessory – one that is both stylish and nautical.

I love the handmade nautical accessories made by Wind Passion. Although they make bowties, key chains, cufflinks and bracelets, I am especially drawn to the bracelets. I find them unisex, stylish and easy to wear. I love the versatility of the colors ranging from bright aquamarine blue, to light grey and black. I love how it serves as a subtle reminder of things I love: my darling husband and his love for the boating, the knot we tied on our wedding day, and cool breeze on long walks by the harbor- counting the boats as they slowly sailed by.

To purchase one of these bracelets go to and get 25% off your purchase (coupon code pre-loaded via this link).

Happy Fall.

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