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7 Reasons why we’re crushing on the Balmain blazer

Open the Instagram explore page, at any time or any day, and I can guarantee that you will find a picture of either an Instagram model, a pseudo celebrity or a fashionista of some sort wearing the Balmain blazer, either in white, black, navy blue or red.

As for me, it was love at first sight with the Balmain blazer. As an eighties baby, I have a deeply rooted appreciation for shoulder pads. As the daughter of an artist and seamstress, the details was what attracted me to the most. It subtly screams quality, without giving away the price tag. Kind of like the menu at a fancy restaurant, complete with a list of items, yet strategically devoid of prices. Yes, I just compared the Balmain blazer to food. Its that good.

As you can probably tell, I love the Balmain blazer for a host of reasons that will be discussed in detail below. Specifically, I’ll be sharing 7 reasons why we’re crushing on the Balmain blazer. I also did a video on YouTube dedicated to the blazer, which you can check out here.

1. The fit - The military-inspired design, exquisitely sharp tailoring, and delicately selected fabric (wool, tweed or cotton) fabric all make for an excellent, timeless, sophisticated yet clean and versatile look. The blazer has the unique ability to “classy up” your entire look, that it demands that every accessory is carefully thought out. It is pretty much sacrilegious if you wear the Balmain blazer with leggings or sweatpants. It demands the best – tailored pants, fitted dress or skirt.

2. Its uniqueness – The Balmain blazer is identifiable from a mile away. It is double breasted in the most flattering way a double-breasted blazer can. Even the dupes or other blazers with similar designs can’t quite compare with the Balmain blazer. Nothing fits quite like it. The structure is designed in such a way that cinches in the waist while the exaggerated shoulders sit perfectly on your frame , regardless of your body type.

3. The versatility – You can style this blazer anyway from sunrise to sunset. It goes seamlessly with almost every/anything, from day to night. Fitted dresses, cropped pants, skirts, denim, crop top, draped over the shoulder… I said, endless possibilities. When I talk about investment pieces, I often address their versatility, or lack thereof, when figuring out if it’s worth the splurge, and here, the answer is yes; a timeless jacket that you’ll wear over is as splurge worthy as it gets.

4. The price tag – A hefty one, starting at $1600, through $3,000, makes it an investment worthy item, one that commands reverence and makes you think twice (and maybe, thrice?) before purchasing it. The Balmain blazer is by no means affordable or cheap, but considering how versatile it is, I believe it’s 100% worth it. I’m here for it.

5. An Investment piece – The cost per wear of a well-worn Balmain blazer (not one sitting idly in your closet) makes the purchase worth it. I can’t stress on the versatility enough, which makes it worth every penny spent on it. Additionally, the value of the Balmain blazer in the secondhand market is about 70% of the retail price. That means you can re-sell your Balmain blazer and get a nice change, upwards of $1000 for it. That’s a win win WIN.

6. The quality of the fabric – One word, impeccable – The wool blazer (which is the one I have) is both soft and structured at the same time. The fabric does not feel itchy on my skin and doesn’t ride up or get caught on my clothes. It is apparent that Balmain only sourced and used the best fabric for this blazer and for that I say, bravo.

7. The staple – The Balmain blazer has become a fashion staple, and it is here to stay. Since the blazer was first launched in 2012, it has grown in popularity and developed a somewhat cult following. Now well known for its the military-inspired design, exquisitely sharp tailoring, and delicately selected fabric, the Balmain blazer has became a must-have item for any/all fashionistas.

Do you have the Balmain blazer?

If so, what colors?

Do you have the blazer on your Wishlist?

What Is your favorite thing about the Balmain blazer?


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