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Easing into 2023......

Hello beautiful people,

It's certainly not too late to wish you a happy New Year, especially when it still feels like Christmas was just yesterday. It's that time of year when we start writing our goals and resolutions for the year, complete with a resolve to become better versions of ourselves. I've always been a fan of setting goals for the year, by way of lists, reminders or good ole' vision boards. I'm all for it.

I also understand when people say they don't want to change anything about their lives in the upcoming year - I respect that, a lot. I hope to get to that level of perfection and confidence someday. But until then, I'll keep striving for more, and hoping to be better.

Hopefully you don't mind me sharing, but one of my top resolutions this year is to embrace change, and go with the flow. As a mom of 2 and a planner by nature, this is more difficult than it seems. I always have a plan for the day and often get upset or flustered when things don't go how I envisioned them to go. With a resolution to embrace change with ease, I aim to shrug off the negative feelings that brew once change becomes imminent, and instead accept it, with ease.

I've also made a few minor resolutions along the way: drink more water, return phone calls as soon as possible, be kinder to myself as I navigate through life and motherhood, and embrace any opportunity to work out - no matter how tired (or hungover) I may be.

What about you? Did you make any new year's resolution or resolutions? Do you feel like you don't need to change anything about you/your life (if so, I'm so jealous! #teachme). Please share, I'd love to hear from you.

Once again, Happy New Year! May this year be our best one, yet.


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