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Oh, fall.

The leaves are turning, the weather is a little colder, coffee and tea and not quite just regular coffee and tea anymore. And there’s apples and maple and pumpkin.

And then there is fashion.

Fall fashion has always been my favorite thing about fall, but in general, there are so many things I love about fall. Be it the plaid, the darker earth tone colors like brown and beige and burgundy and olive mahogany espresso that really complements my skin as a black woman. Plus, animal print lots of animal print.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love animal print (I actually make a joke and say that animal print is my favorite color, but we know, first, that it’s not really a color, and second my favorite color is royal purple).

But I love animal print, especially leopard and zebra print. I also appreciate a good skin snake skin.

I digress.

Where am I going with this? Fall is and can always be for me a moment to reflect to reflect on the upcoming seasons which are Thanksgiving and Christmas which as you know ties us together with our family and keeps us in a spirit of giving it a spirit of gratitude.

I also look forward to making meals with my family; apple pie, pecan pie, turkey, brussels sprouts, and many other little treats. My husband makes an amazing eggnog, I love pumpkin spice flavored candles and lotions not so much do lattes, but I can make an exception for one or two coffee variations of pumpkin spice lattes. Actually, this coffee shop has the best pumpkin spice latte I’ve ever had.

In all honesty, I must confess I am somewhat reluctant to embrace fall because it also signifies that colder times are coming, which means that winter is only a matter of weeks away, which means many upcoming indoor days, which means lots of ice and snow and dry skin and not particularly fun times between the months of January and March.


However, to counter that we booked a trip to the Caribbean in January, to Arizona in March, and to Mexico in April. But still, those months from January through March are pretty gloomy except for the birth of the celebration of the birth of our daughter who’s going to turn three (I can’t believe it!!!) and also, valentine’s day! (who doesn’t love spending valentines with a loved one.).

So, yes, although I’m somewhat reluctant when the leaves start turning, and people start screaming “fall fall fall” in August by the time October rolls along, I am all for it, and I am excited about all things fall. I also particularly enjoy the quiet period of fall between Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, everyone’s craziness and about Halloween has subsided, and now we just focus on Thanksgiving. That’s when we finalize the flight arrangements for the holidays. That’s when we put together a Thanksgiving menu. That’s my favorite little pocket time of fall where I could just really focus on you know, being grateful.

In my most recent YouTube video I share my current fall favorites - from home to food and fashion. Check it out here.

I’m grateful for so many things this year; for the health of my family and my loved ones, for my children and for my husband and for a career, and for overall health, happiness, and a good life. What are you most thankful for? What’s your favorite thing about fall? Let me know in the comments below.


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